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Create your California Power of Attorney the right way, with attorney guidance!

Only $35.00


  • Includes 15-minute phone consultation with Attorney Paul Denni
  • Get your legally compliant, California Power of Attorney, digitally delivered to you
  • Take care of business, personal, and family maintenance - even while you're away
  • Simple fill-in-the-blank template, with a detailed guiding checklist
  • Works even if you become incapacitated (unconscious or otherwise unable to make legal decisions)
  • Get peace of mind knowing your affairs will be in order
  • Appoint an agent to save time doing things you don't like or are unable to do


Order Summary
Power of Attorney

Attorney Paul J. Denni

871 Cornado Center Dr., Ste. 200

Henderson, NV 89052


Paul was amazing with my estate planning needs. Extremely responsive to my questions. Very knowledgeable in this field. I was very impressed. Completed all work in a timely manner. I refer everyone that asks me about estate planning to Paul Denni.

— Matthew C.

Exceeded expectations. Paul took my case on short notice, he was articulate and gave a level of candor I very much appreciated unlike others I had consulted. I made my decision on that reason and I'm glad I did.

— Kurt G.

AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FABULOUS, EFFICIENT, AND FRIENDLY are some of the words I would use to describe Mr. Denni, his work and his firm.
He took the time to explain the process to me, personally. When I had questions, I would send him a message and he promptly responded. Mr. Denni is a friendly man, who is looking out for the best interest of his clients. He does not give you the run around, he is clear and precise. Which in my opinion is a breath of fresh air because so many other attorneys try to nickel and dime clients. Thank you so much sir!

— Letty G.

This guy knows what he's doing in many steps ahead of the rest.  I have went to him for two different situations and both times I was more than impressed. He is a wizard at his job. If you want someone that is Easy to talk to honest and direct look no further. I am in Ohio so I could not go out there to take care of these things and I am glad I found someone that I can trust to clean up all my past mistakes from when I lived in California. Thanks again Paul.

— Nathan A.

I have been looking for a very good attorney to do my estate planning for several months now. I have called around many different places and I was not able  to get the information I needed - it was confusing, expensive or time consuming.

I finally got a hold of Paul Denni- I called him and he was prompt to call me back right away. He followed up our conversation by sending me a text and an email. That made me feel very comfortable. I told him what I was looking for with my estate planning. He was able to deliver exactly what I needed and wanted. He was very professional, prompt, courteous and he was able to communicate everything properly so that I can understand what was going on.

I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to do estate planning. He is on top of his game!!

- Lily A.